Yoon Nam: Inane But Sensitive

We are excited to announce that Yoon Nam will be exhibiting her first show at Hi-Lo Press. 

Inane but Sensitive: thinking widely while drawing small

I began drawing because my writing seemed incapable of capturing what I saw physically and imagined in my mind. How do I express what I see or imagine? Yes—what a common concern. There is nothing remotely singular about that crisis. But most importantly, who cares to see these small, personal, too common or too insignificant things I see or imagine? Surely, seeing—in both a physical and psychological sense-- leads to telling. When led to and shown somebody else’s experiences and perspectives, we are often reactionary. We like to show and tell and be shown and told. Our sensory experiences encourage us to take whatever form of expression appears at hand to reveal and share what we have; but let me stop and ask another question—what qualifies something as significant enough to be told, shown, or shared these days? No longer how, but now what to show becomes a fresh crisis in the process of pictorial articulation if what one wants to show is deemed too trivial or common. Why? Because the very shared nature of sensory experience has spawned and transformed what used to be an experience into a currency beyond mere cultural capital—you cost me a trip, a glance, or a click, so you better have something worthy enough my time! There is no quality, just an experience to count. How often do we hear people say “who cares (about such insignificant, small stuff)?” Caring costs, so if anyone or anything makes people care, they think it better be something big and extraordinary, worthy enough of their attention. To be sensitive, one needs to pay attention and be vulnerable and receptive enough to recognize there is no beauty without disappointment, there is no poetry without paradox, and there is nothing so small as to be dismissed or devalued in life. Who would like to do that? So here I am, failing to situate my artistic inclination steadfastly in something obscure and significant, but instead, drawing such silly, soft stuff. This show is about illuminating the strength in being sensitive, in caring too much and too widely about inane, trivial, pedestrian, and common stuff in life. But if you care, I would like to tell you this-- I hope, perhaps, that some viewers would leave the show carrying an inward light that shines soft and small, like an invisible and unspoken nod amongst us that confirms something uncertain and trifling about life is indeed so universal and human.


Short bio

A definite “in-betweener” of a variety of interests and hobbies, Yoon is a DJ and loves records, concentrating on 60-70s international rare groove, psych, prog, and jazz. She also loves to draw and paint. She holds a Ph.D. in 16-17th century British literature. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and a beautiful cat named Reginald.

To find out more about Yoon's work read her interview here in Creative Loafing or visit her website.